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Dinner & a Movie

LegenddrI was out for sushi last week and right after I ordered a Kirin to drink with my forthcoming sushi orgy, I saw a table tent highlighting a new wine designed especially for sushi—called Oroyo.  Interesting.  Sushi and wine haven’t always gone together because the flavors are so different.

When Igot home, I looked for it online.  Made by Freixenet, it released in the states in 2004 and in Europe in 2005—I’m just behind the times, apparently. 

Yoko Sato, a young Japanese winemaker with Freixenet, says that she hasfulfilled a dream, that of producing a wine perfectly suited to sushi.The brand dubbed, “Oroya” is made from Spanish grape varieties – Airen,Macebeo, Muscat of Alexandria – situated in the production zone of Vinode la Tierra in Castilla, Spain. According to Freixenet, the wine’sgentle acidity pairs well with the richness of raw fish, while itslight and fresh characteristics perfectly adjust to the strength of theWasbi, often hard to match. Oroya is available in a classy, elegantbottle suited to Japanese decor.

The San Francisco Chronicle had this to say in February:

Speaking of takeout, stop for sushi and uncork a unique wine made specifically for raw fish. The 2004 Oroya Tierra de Castilla ($8) from Spain is a blend of Airen, Macabeo and Muscat grapes made by Japanese winemaker Yoko Sato. With dusty, earthy aromas, sweet citrus flavors and taut acidity, the wine makes sushi sing.

With spring here, and a spot on the Friday evening couch beckoning, I would be remiss if I didn’t also offer up a movie recommendation based on wine and, er, a Japanese theme.

From no less a reputable source then Maxim magazine, The Legend of the Drunken Master made its way into the Top 20 All-Time Greatest Movie Drinkers.

The description from Maxim:

He’s like Popeye, only with booze instead of spinach.  When Fei-hung drinks he becomes the Drunken Master and uses an invincible fighting style.  The film boasts some of the best fight scenes and worst lessons for children ever.

New York Times Plot Summary here.

Fei-hung Drink of Choice:  Wine


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