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Around the Wine Blogosphere – Quick and Dirty Edition

A couple of quick notes and thoughts …

The May Edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday

Wine Blogging Wednesday is next Wednesday, May 13th and I am hosting the affair.  The theme is “California Inspirations.”

Inspired by the 1-year anniversary of Robert Mondavi’s passing, please choose a California wine that has acted as a memorable mile marker on your wine journey, re-taste and share your story.

It can be anything – but, surely, most of us have a memorable occasion, event, meal or circumstance that involves special people in our life, which acts as a wistful, or perhaps even funny, memory where wine acted as a lead or supporting character, a catalyst for the event.  It is that story that I hope to see. 

As a fan of a columnist or narrative-based blogging approach, I am not mandating any particular writing style for your post, but I think storytelling, particularly in blogging, is a powerful way for wine enthusiasts to share their passion in an engaging way.

The best blog post as determined by Lenn Thompson and me will win a 1-year subscription to Sunset magazine, the lifestyle magazine for California and the West Coast.

In addition, if you want to badge your site up with the “Robert Mondavi Day” badge, you can find the code snippet on the right hand navigation.

Please post your WBW entry and leave a comment and a link on this post, the previous announcement or send an email to:  jlefevere(@)gmail dotcom  

I wish you Goodness and Godspeed as you recall the grape.

Wine Blog Research Participation

With all of the fascinating research coming out of the wine industry the last couple of days (Silicon Valley Bank’s 2009 – 2010 State of the Wine Industry and VinTank’s State of Wine Industry Social Media) now is a good time to participate in what has an opportunity to be a seismic piece of research.

Tracy Rickman, a PhD candidate in consumer research at Auburn University is working on her dissertation about wine blogs as an information source.

Transcending secondary research and analysis by adding primary research, her work could be a watershed moment for wine blogging, or not.

Really, it is up to people to participate in the survey function.

As all good research is conducted with a neutral hypothesis, she is not taking any bias into the study, so her conclusions should prove very interesting for both wine bloggers and traditional media. 

Though the survey takes about 20-minutes, and requires a level of consideration, I encourage all readers to start and complete the survey at this link.

A Really Goode Job

I have had a lot of fun following this Murphy-Goode story … they are fielding applications for a 6-month gig at $10K a month in which the winner gets an immersion into the winery and business while blogging and Twittering about their experiences.

It’s a nice promotion that is already earning them more than $60K in earned media.  Smart play on their part.

However, it is also a nice opportunity for a passionate enthusiast to learn the business in an accelerated fashion.  People kill for these types of opportunities because it comes with allegedly nice accommodations. 

Ask a harvest intern about their experience and they may have loved it, but it didn’t come with 10K a month, bandwidth and comfortable accommodations.

There is no good way to handicap the field of applicants, but you can go to their YouTube channel and view the candidate videos (another smart move by Murphy-Goode to impose a 1-minute time limit).  My money and my good wishes go to Hardy Wallace from Dirty South Wine to win – given the nature of the position, it seems only right that one of our own gets the chance to win the opportunity.  It’s almost icing on the cake that Hardy is very passionate about the opportunity ... seems like a no-brainer to me. 

Until next time … Celebrate the Good Grape … 

What I blogged about a Year Ago

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On 05/07, Dirty wrote:

Jeff-  Thanks for the support!  I dig it!

On 05/07, Dylan wrote:

So true. My experience on Tin Cross Vineyards was exactly what Murphy-Goode is offering with exception to the extraordinary paycheck. Although, even at the pay rate I worked, it was still a highly worthwhile experience to live and work on the vineyard. It was my first real immersion into the wine world. Unforgettable.

On 08/08, العاب بن wrote:

good article. Keep up the good work

On 08/28, Oster Breadmakers wrote:

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