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A Wine Community Public Service Announcement

With a bountifully open mind seasoned with a dash of irony and intrigue, I opened the emailed titled, “CASTING CALL FOR REALITY SERIES ON WINE.”

It was a just a shade over six months ago that I wrote about the potential wine reality series, The Winemakers, now almost four and ½ years in the making, and pondered whether or not it would ever make it to broadcast.

In doing so, I took a brow beating; literally a raised voice diatribe filled with anger, from the producer of the show, Kevin Whelan, based on what I wrote in my post.  Jesus-H.  Upon re-reading, it’s pretty benign.  I’m actually still mad at the way this guy treated me.  You can read the original post here.

In a prologue to my post I mused whether blogging about the show would help or hinder the opportunity to be on the show for its second season, filming this year.

Well, either by coincidence or a Machiavellian attempt at ipso facto comeuppance, I received an email from a couple of folks from the production company producing The Winemakers letting me know that casting calls are going on now with a very aggressive timeline.

Crushpad in San Francisco is the scene for an open casting call on Monday, July 27th and there will be an additional casting call in New York, as well.  Alternatively, potential contestants can also upload a two minute video to YouTube as an audition.  Be prepared to jump, though.  Final casting decisions will be made quickly (August 7th according to a press release dated July 15th) and filming starts in the Central Coast on August 15th and will be followed by a four week stretch of filming in France in October.

Ah, to be fancifully single and impetuous enough to leave a job to be on a television show for no money.

Unfortunately, I won’t be auditioning, not that it’s not tempting, though.  I left my reality television aspirations behind as a sophomore in college when I made a failed bid to earn a spot on The Real World, San Francisco. Apparently my Midwestern fish-out-of-water archetype wasn’t compelling enough.  Or, perhaps it was the cheesy picture I sent in—wearing an ill-fitting gray wool/polyester blend suit, lounging on a hotel bed.  The photo taken after a sorority dance; heavy eye lids and rosy cheeks hinting at the amount of Skol Vodka Tonics I had consumed.

I will, however, dutifully watch the first season of the show, and probably even blog about it weekly.  Mercifully, it is finally airing in September on a PBS station near you. Finally.

Beringer, Gallo and others have stepped up to the plate as sponsors.  It was dollars no doubt that caused the very lengthy delay in the show coming to air, so kudos to two California wine titans for helping lend a sponsorship hand.

And, I already have a show favorite – Eryn Supple, a contestant from Santa Cruz who commented on my initial blog post and can be seen throwing the bird in her Twitter avatar picture (@softnsupple).  A grocery buyer in real life, methinks she might be the one to seize the opportunity and give good drama-inducing TV.  At the least, with her first ever Tweet stating, “Wondering if it is physically possible to have more balls then a good handful of men (I) know?”  I do not doubt her.

Find all the details on the upcoming season as well as audition info. at The Winemakers website.  Or, whet your appetite at The Winemakers YouTube channel.



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On 07/23, Mark wrote:

lol Trying out for the real world is such a stereotypical California experience.  I’ve been there at least twice.  Hate to say I wasn’t interesting enough to get a call back later.  I guess it was a matter of time before reality tv came to the wine industry.

On 07/25, John wrote:

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Thanks for sharing.

On 07/27, Dylan wrote:

Love the video challenge. It reminds me of harvest we had at Tin Cross Vineyards last fall and gets me excited for the upcoming harvest. It’s only a few months away now.

On 02/08, Ryan wrote:

Yeah, I would have to bet that wasn’t a very good photo for the Real World casting crew to look at. I did something extremely embarrassing just to try to earn a spot on the Real World Chicago cast: I actually hired a photographer for a day to follow me everywhere and capture me being myself. Lets just say it didn’t even come close to working. Ah, the things people do to be on television.

On 06/05, Scam Mackeeper wrote:

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