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2007 Hall Sauvignon Blanc

What is the old saying, “Don’t cook with any wine you wouldn’t want to drink.” I am glad to note that the ’07 Hall Sauvignon Blanc makes a fine cooking wine and even better drinking companion.

Over the last two days, my wife made a delicious risotto called Risi Bisi (filched from Emeril Lagasse, I think) and a fondue.  Both called for a cup of wine and both subsequently paired beautifully with a glass of the same Sauvignon Blanc.

One of the small joys and bits of laughter that makes everyday a discovery with my wife is the accidental happenstances that occur with her as a virtual teetotaler with amazing sensory capacity. 

For example, she does not know that classic Sauvignon Blanc has notes of cat pee, though her nose may tell her.

So, it’s with no small amount of good humor that I have to explain to her that its all right as she stirs the risotto and exclaims, “This wine is off—it smells like Lulu (her cat growing up).”

Despite my wife’s infinite olfactory sense, it is difficult to pin Hall winery down with any level of finite finesse.  This is a winery with many things going on, all seemingly successful. 

If you didn’t know any better you’d think they’ve been doing it since the 70’s, but the reality is they are relatively new to the Napa Valley wine game – acquiring vineyards over the course of the last 20 + years, but the release of the Hall Cabernet coming in 2001 with the Sauvignon Blanc following in ’04.

Spend any time reviewing the web site or press materials that came with the wine sample and one thing that becomes very evident is that no expense is spared in any phase of Hall.  This is a first-class operation – from the ongoing Frank Gehry designed winery and tasting room to the vineyards that have been acquired to fuel production growth, to David Ramey as consulting winemaker.  Everything is done with high quality execution and winning in mind.

Hall is doing it right because the Sauvignon Blanc is delicious, hitting all the right notes – varietally correct on the nose, with abundant acidity and ripe California fruit—the standard by which other CA Sauvignon Blanc’s can be compared.

And, it went great with the risotto, too.

My tasting note can be found here.

Lindsay’s Risi Bisi Risotto recipe:



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