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2006 Yalumba Y Series Viognier

There are a couple of alleged unspoken truths to being a wine enthusiast.  These “truths” are like unwritten baseball rules; for example,  don’t watch your homer leave the ball park before running to first base and, my favorite in dubiousness, a pitcher can throw some “chin music” high and tight, but not AT a guys head.  You know, these are things that occur as rules amongst men. 

The first rule in the wine world is the notion that a wine enthusiast presumably drinks mostly red wine.  The second is that this wine is presumably on the expensive side.

I find that lately I have been enjoying “talking reds and drinking whites,” and cheap whites at that, completely flying in the face of prevailing wisdom. 

Surely, nobody that purports to be a major wine fan would actually drink more whites than reds and they certainly would not be drinking $10 whites from Australia.

Australian vino?  You mean an industrial white?  Perish the thought, right?

I am a wine polygamist.  In fact, I am a wine polygamist with mistresses.  Over the winter, I think I drunk whites to reds 2-1 and from all over the place, forsaking my biases.  As I have mentioned before, I drink many whites mostly because it is easier to find one under $15 that does not disappoint.

In fact, I can go to Cost Plus World Market, buy a half dozen bottles of whites seemingly at random, each under $15, and have five out of the six bottles turn out to be enjoyable quaffs.

Under the same set of circumstances, it would be about two out six reds.

I am a gambler, but sometimes I do not feel like throwing money away.  If I had a nickel for every wine bottle that languished in the fridge under a vacu-vin until my guilt for dumping subsided sufficiently, well, I could probably buy a couple of $15 dollar bottles.

With this in mind, it does not bother me in the least to say that a large production Australian Viognier from Yalumba, Australia’s oldest family-owned winery, is a very nice wine and tremendous value at around US $10 – 11.  That truth need not remain unspoken.

My Review can be found here.


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On 04/23, Josh wrote:

“I am a wine polygamist.  In fact, I am a wine polygamist with mistresses.”

Quote of the Year so far, with bonus points for topicality!

On 04/24, braingirl wrote:

A friend who took me to the Wine Discount Warehouse in Chicago turned me on to Yulumba a few years ago.  Amazingly enough, they put out a really nice little muscat (and one other sweeter dessert wine that escapes me).  Great for the money.

On 04/24, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

I go through the Red and White phases as well. What I’m frustrated with is the ever rising prices of Pinot Noir. You’re lucky to find any bottle under $20 and 90 percent of the time they’re bunk! And good luck finding a DRC for under $100! I think the who’s who in the wine industry should scrape up some cash and make a movie about how great Merlot is. If Merlot prices sky rocket, that’s ok by me…


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