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2005 Hook & Ladder “The Tillerman” Table White


Ireceived the 2005 Hook & Ladder “The Tillerman” white table wine as a partof a wine blog sampling program.

Accordingto the email from the p.r. representation for Hook & Ladder, the DeLoach’s wantedto explore the wine blogging community.

Itwould have been far more intuitive to send a bottle of red to some hardcorewine enthusiasts and now I know why they chose “The Tillerman” white as thesample.  

#1White wine, as a rule, is far more giving with a greater price to qualityequation at all price points then a red.


#2)This is a delicious wine.

Thoseguys at the Hook & Ladder Winery … always kidding around …

Thiswine must be a vinous b.s. meter to see who is full of it and who can recognizea decent glass of vino. The blogger whodoesn’t like it is outed as a charlatan not worth his blogging stripes.

TheHook & Ladder table white is an imminently enjoyable and pleasant wine—a valueat $16, if you find it at your local wine shop. This wine combines two qualities that usually don’t go hand in hand inthe good natured ways of adult sociability—it’s a wine you want to keep foryourself and, at the same time, a wine you want to bring to your nextneighborhood kitchen confab to share with others.   

Thenose is vibrant with pronounced peach and pineapple notes underscored with atouch of springtime. The wine itself isdry with bracing, sprightly acidity. Morepeach in the mouth with the crispness of green apple and a medium-long finishmake this a wine that combines a flavor profile that is hard not to like with enoughcomplexity and body to make you pause.

Igave it 17 points on the UC Davis 20 point scale.

Theneighbor that throws back the Clos Dubois and K-J Vintners Reserve is going tothank you for turning her on to this gem with NO OAK AGING.

Fromthe Russian River Valley, this Estate-Grown white isa blend of three white varieties grown in the winery’s Russian River Valley vineyards.

Accordingto another wine blog that reviewed the wine, the three white varieties areproprietary and subject to yearly fluctuations in blending quantity in order toproduce a consistent style. So, I reallydon’t know what varietals make up the blend. But, to my palate, I’m going to guess primarily Viognier and PinotGrigio with a touch of Chardonnay.

Whateverthe blend is, hat’s off to the De Loach’s for coming out of the gate with a whitewine that’s a winner.

And,if you’re a wine drinker reading this, give yourself a pat on the back forpotentially picking up two of these bottles—one for yourself and one to sharethereby turning your neighbor off the butter bomb whites and onto this gem.


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