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’04 Cosentino “The Zin” Lodi Zinfandel

Ah, Cosentino wine.  Apropos to the movie “Hairspray” that is in theatres now—the high school humdrum, Tracy Turnblad, falling for and getting, in this case, the guy—Link Larkin.
Cosentino winery is similar to the high school archetypes to me.  You’ve seen Cosentino in your wine shop dozens of times.  It sits on the shelf benignly innocent.  It’s non-descript label blends into a blurry maze of labels; its khaki-ness not jumping out against the clarion call of more flashy labels while the price point leads you to pick up something intangibly more familiar, more famous, better known; something somehow better looking and sexy.

Perhaps, Cosentino is like members of the high school clique two notches below the cool kids in the high school caste system—they don’t wear exactly the right shoes, or have the latest clothes, they’re not invited to all of the parties; they’re not uncool, just not completely cool based on the fickleness of groupthink—a sensibility that ultimately belies their smart and sexy interior.

And so it is with Cosentino—a winery I’ve seen many, many times, but never had the notion, gumption or verve to pick-up and try, until now. 

Man, what a mistake because ultimately this is a completely cool, smart and sexy wine—enough so to make me mentally recast every girl I ever went to high school with into potential bombshell.

My review is here.



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